Bait and Switch

The “bait and switch” consists of promising loan terms that are good enough to get the borrower committed (”off the street” in industry parlance) and then, after they put their time and energy in to the process, delivering significantly different terms on their loan documents at the signing table. For the full story  see: Bait and Switch

Bankruptcy Today

Do you have problems paying your debts? Are you threatened with garnishment, foreclosure or repossession? If so, you may want to consider bankruptcy as a way to deal with these problems. For the full story see: Bankruptcy Today

Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Strategy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is primarily used to stop foreclosure of your home. The bankruptcy petition would need to be filed before the sale date of your property. After filing, you will propose a plan to repay the amount you fell behind on the mortgage. You will also begin to again pay your regular mortgage payments, which under the operation of law must be accepted by your mortgage company. For the full story see: Strategy

The Right of Rescission

The Right to Cancel or the Right of Rescission is a right given to borrowers within Regulation Z of the Truth in Lending Act. Sometimes known as a “cooling off period,” the right of rescission gives borrowers of certain types of loans three business days (in some cases three years) to cancel the loan and to receive a full refund on any money they’ve already paid up front. See rescission

Our mission is to show you how to stop foreclosure, discharge unsecured debt and discharge IRS tax liens with an emergency chapter 13 bankruptcy.
We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.